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_MG_3753 Lesser Black Backed Gulls_MG_3636 Hawaiian Goose - Branta sandvicensis_MG_3755 Medditerainian GullGREENSHANKYoung ChickGreenshanks and RedshanksBlack Headed Gulls MateingBlack Headed Gulls FightingBlack Headed Gulls warning offCoot chick - Fulica atraBlack Headed Gulls_MG_3314 Parakeet-Psittacula krameri_MG_3363 Woodpigeon-Columba palumbus_MG_3381 Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus_MG_3384 Chaffinch_MG_3386 Blackbird (f)_MG_3388 Great Tit-Parus majorWood Duck-Aix sponsa_MG_3390 Dunnock

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Thats a nice collection you've put together for April Dennis, well done.
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