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(0) Welsh International Body Painting2(1)_DSC9415 Jess as Green goblin in Castle window(2)_DSC9416 Jess as Green goblin in Castle window2(3)_DSC9417 Jess as Green Goblin in Castle Window3(4)_DSC9474 Jess as Green Goblin(5)_DSC9480 Jess as Green Goblin in old castle(6)_DSC9402 Forest Pixie(7)_DSC9412 Forest Pixie(8)_DSC9464 Forest Pixie 17(9)_DSC9469 Forest Pixie 19(10)_DSC9473 Forest Pixie20(11)_DSC9534 Wood Nymph(13)_DSC9569 The Dear Man(14)_DSC9572 The Dear Man front(15)_DSC9579 Claire Louise as Pixie Rose(16)_DSC9581 Claire Louise as Pixie Rose(17)_DSC9585 Gold Face(18)_DSC9587 Gold Face-rear(19)_DSC9614 The Body(20)_DSC9616 The Body Parts