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(0) Welsh International Body Painting2.jpg(1)_DSC9085.Welsh Face & body Painting Festival.jpgCards for Face Painting(3)_DSC9039 Face Paint & Brushes.jpg(4)_DSC9041 model-Ryo Love as The Mummy.jpg(5)_DSC9223 model-Ryo Love as The Mummy.jpg(6)_DSC8977 model-Bex as Lady Dragon.jpg(7)_DSC9060 Raphaelle artist & model Bex Norman.jpg(8)_DSC9096 Sallie.jpg(9)_DSC9153 The Face2.jpg(10)_DSC9141 model-Jessica Fry & Daughter.jpg(11)_DSC8822 Old Blue Face.jpg(12)_DSC8831 The Cross.jpg(14)_DSC8847 Snake Girl Natalie.jpg(15)_DSC8846 Eye Eye.jpg(16)_DSC8848 Darren 2.jpg(17)_DSC8978 Flower Power.jpg(18)_DSC9147 Quenn Bee.jpg(19)_DSC9183 Claire Louise Conway.jpg(20)_DSC9337Claire Louise as Pixie Rose.jpg