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Please comment on these as I reckon my Sigma 150-500mm is RUBBISH. Brand New and been repaired once and i reckon it's still not focusing correctly.

Lots more added, Please Comment.
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Guestbook for JANUARY 2011 Please Comment
Hi John
All Hand held or resting on window of hide.
Post processed in Photoshop CS4 with two lots of sharpening, one at begining and last at end.
Thanks for your help at the Wetland centre...Appreciated.


John's Wild World
Hi Dennis, I have been following the thread on WAB in which you state your concerns with regards to the 7d focusing and have now had a look at your website which I have found to be very interesting.
With regards to your most recent entries where you specifically ask for comment, I add the following ----
Other than the fence,robin and swan's head the other images are a bit too distant to judge the sharpness.
What I will say is that in my opinion the three images I have mentioned look very reasonable in terms of sharpness assuming these images are straight out of the camera (ie no post editing).
Is this the case and are these images taken handheld or not?
Anyhow keep up the good work, I'm sure you will obtain the quality you are seeking before long.


John D
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